Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Chrysalis, Charlene Vickers, solo, April 5 7pm # BAF

                                                          CHARLENE VICKERS
                                                          BURRARD ARTS FOUNDATION
                                                          258 E 1st Ave Vancouver, B.C.
                                                          Opens April 5th 7pm
                                                          Artist Talk May 25th 2pm

The new works on canvas and paper are a continuation and a new beginning. Through colour, gesture, and layers of texture, I am conveying a dreamt and imagined space of floating and transformation within memory of Anishinaabe territory. This place is imaginary, surreal, psychedelic, but very real. In the mental space between being awake and falling asleep, this new work started to grow.

In the paintings, within this space of memory, colour has heat and spark. Memory is felt, held deep within my body. Through colour, the tangible spirit of a place and how I can connect with it is created. Floating pods, cocoons, or seeds take on a animated quality, as entities that take flight – what is inside? Who is inside?

While taking the Seabus Downtown from North Vancouver, I recalled a memory of how my body felt floating on a lake north of Thunder Bay, Ontario, in 1995:

That summer of tree planting, of sleeping on Anishinaabe woodlands and swimming in freshwater lakes, was a source of spiritual balancing and recalibration. Everything was buzzing, humming and brimming with life there. After a full day of planting trees I would swim to the middle of the lake everyday. Floating on my back and looking at the sky was where I could fully feel centered and mentally rest and escape clouds of blackflies. Looking up at the sky, the sun was setting and the air pulsed with swarms of dragonflies mating.

This bodily experience of floating, and the memory of new life being created above me, is what I wanted to try to express through the new works.

A rebirth and reinvigoration of my creative process is what I am digging into – a wilder new ground.

When I am looking

Not at things
But within their insides
Move to match
I look for horizons
Spaces within closures of eye-lids
The shadows mixed with
Burning orange and pinks
That is where I am looking
Flutters of light
New circles around dark centres
The mimic of an outside pattern
A burn of an image
Slips into another space
An inner one
Strips of green meat
Stalks pared barest minimum
A vein exposed where a small growth
That is the spark
That is humility

Exhibition text by Charlene Vickers
Image: Anishinabe Garden of Earthly Delights, oil on canvas, 4' x 5', 2019, Charlene Vickers

Friday, March 1, 2019

                            Burrard Arts Foundation Residency and Exhibition April 5 2019

I am currently a resident artist at BAF where I am working on some new painted works to be included in an upcoming solo exhibition in April. I am sharing space and a coinciding exhibition with fellow Vancouver artist Holly Schmidt. There are some interesting influences coming from her organic plant inspired sculptural works in paper happening so do not miss this show. Burrard Arts Foundation is on East 1st Street east of Main St. below Elan Gallery.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

January 2019 Happenings

Well hello 2019!
Hoping everyone is well rested and is ready to rock!

Coverings Dates Extended

Coverings at Macaulay and Co. DATE EXTENDED TO FEB 15. Please go and visit my work and message me if you would like a personal tour. (I will try to accommodate) Thank you to all who came out to the opening, there will be a closing performance happening as well so stay tuned. TBA

Burrard Arts Foundation Residency
I have happily moved into the BAF studios and will be working there for the next 2 months. Please drop me a message if you would like to visit. There will be a show following shortly after the residency end, so opening in April sometime.BAF residency about

the map is not the territory at the Portland Art Museum Feb 9- May 5, Portland Oregon
This is going to be a fabulous line up of West coast artists from Canada and the USA, curated by Grace Kook-Anderson. It is such an honour  to be included with such amazing people.  I will be doing a performance of my cedar spears/quills on March 22 at 6:30.the map is not the territory link

Jingles and Sounds For Speaking To Our Grandmothers, Tanyuap, Fazakas Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.
Feb 1- March 15
This is a coming home show for the GIANT JINGLE CONE I collaborated with Maria Hupfield this past summer. A commissioned work for the Seattle Art Fair and invited by Fazakas Gallery, this object was assembled on site and performed 4 times throughout the weekend of August 2-5. The Jingle Cone then travelled to Toronto for I continue to shape group exhibition at the Art Museum at U of T. The Jingle Cone now sits in my studio awaiting its next showing at Tanyuap Gallery.

Gigaemi Kukwits and Charlene Vickers, Material Art Fair, Mexico City, Mexico with Macaulay and Co.
Feb 7-10, 2019
Dual show with Gigaemi Kukwits. This is my first time showing in Mexico City and am super stoked to have my work included. Miigwetch Mention in The Observer at Material Art Fair Mexico City 2019