Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Charlene Bio

Charlene Vickers is an Anishinabe Kwe (Ojibway Woman) living and working in Vancouver BC since 1990. Her cross-disciplinary work of painting, drawing installation and performance have been exhibited in Vancouver, Toronto, New York and across the United States. This past year she has been involved in several projects that include the carving of a series of 10’ tall cedar spears, the wrapping of grasses in cloth and hair, and the creation of a clan of turtles. Her exploratory works are moving into performance with her collaboration Vestige Vagabond, a improvisational endeavour with Maria Hupfield. Vickers and Hupfield officially debuted VV at the 2011 Santa Fe Indian Art Market hosted by the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts. Charlene is exhibiting a new sculptural installation at the grunt gallery in Feb/March 2012. Charlene is currently an MFA candidate at Simon Fraser University for 2013.