Monday, June 3, 2013

nish kwe @ 611 Alexander SFU Studios

Summer production has begun! Loving the light, space, viscosity, taping, oil paint smell, riding to studio, coffee and sandwiches and solitude these days.
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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

IN THIS TOGETHER collaborative group show at ACCESS gallery in Vancouver May 5-10

photo credit: Ash Tanasiychuk
Here is a brief description:
The piece consists on a performance where Charlene Vickers and Guadalupe Martinez are cutting out words and sentences from photocopied academic texts (bibliography from the seminars and from our research), and making poems with them. The poems, some improvised and some chosen from diverse sources, are glued on the wall, floor, and window of the gallery, appearing as small interventions in the space.
There is a sound piece made from recordings of us reading excerpts of these texts, that Luciana D'Anunciação compiled; and accompanies the performance which in total will last about two hours.
We want to incorporate some of the given bibliography that we have worked through in our respective MFA programs, and re-activate them through our own experiences, subjectivity, and identities. Through re-configuring and deconstructing the texts, we want to find personal ways to perceive and produce meaning from a place that evokes other ways of approaching, generating, and embodying content.
Title: Conjured Citations
Arists: Charlene Vickers, Luciana D'Anunciação, Guadalupe Martinez
Medium: Performance/Installation
Year: 2013
Conjured Citations stop animation photo documentation!
As part of the In This Together exhibition at ACCESS gallery 222 East Georgia St Vancouver BC May 5-10 2013